Crespo – adhesive tapes

Crespo – adhesive tapes.

Our Łódź based company deals with distribution of adhesive tapes. The most popular group are sealing tapes (polypropylene) with an acrylic adhesive (perfect for bonding on films - easy removal, no markings left) or rubber adhesive (natural rubber - universal adhesive that perfectly bonds on all materials such as paper, cardboard, film, wood, metal or glass)

These tapes are available in three colours:

  • Brown
  • White
  • Transparent (colourless)

Polypropylene carton sealing tapes (brown, white, transparent)

At a request, we manufacture rubber sealing tape with print up to 4 colours. A minimum order is 360 rolls (10 boxes), performance time is 14 days from the date the project is accepted.

Polypropylene tapes with a print