Crespo - a little bit of history

We are a plastic film manufacturer from Łódź. Our company has operated on the market since 2003. We are a family-owned Polish company. Our history started in 1984. It was the year Zdzisław Chrząszcz founded the “Znifol” Manufacturing, Trading, and Service Company which manufactured packagings for the textile industry.

Film packagings and plastic containers – top quality.

Nowadays, Crespo is a manufacturer of packagings, film bags and pouches for various branches of industry. Dynamic development of the company is our main focus. Our machinery park is subject to constant modernisation and development. We also invest our specialists and promote their constant development.

Crespo – professionalism and the latest technologies.

For many years of operation, our brand earned much recognition on the Polish market. We want to supply our Clients with highest quality films and film packagings. Our products need to satisfy any client’s requirement, without sacrificing the quality of services. A modern company. we constantly raise the bar in terms of quality of services, striving for perfection.

Crespo range of products.

Please learn more about our product range. In order to respond to the needs of our clients, we never fail to widen out product range. Nowadays, we manufacture high quality goods such as: film packagings, films, adhesive tapes. At client’s request, we may modify the colour schemes or print.

Crespo is a family company.

Our business is a family one. We are fully involved in the manufacture of our products. Relationships with employees and our clients are founded based on the principle of partnership and trust. People matter to us a great deal.

We invite you to contact us.

All interested in our products, please contact us. We will be happy to explain, suggest, advise on the basis of our own experience in this area. Our company is located at ul. Border in Łódź.

CRESPO Seweryn Chrząszcz

Office and production:

ul.Graniczna 62 A

93-428 Łódź

tel. /fax: +48 42.682-70-05; +48 509-819-155